EYESORE is a print magazine about building, streets, places and spaces. It started with six friends coming together around one simple idea: engaging with the built environment beyond the way it looks.

The publication’s title –EYESORE- embodies this. Firstly, the word eyesore refers to an ‘ugly’ building or structure, provoking us to question the existing debates about our cities. And secondly, it refers to what ‘I saw’, and the personal nature about what we’re discussing.

The content is unrestricted to one form or theme. It features in-depth articles about local activist groups, reports on radical thinking for urban living, pyschogeography, cutting-edge photojournalism, satirical writing, illustrations and more. We’re building a community of professional and amateur journalists and artists who are curious about engaging with space, exploring the city’s past, but making it relevant to present-day issues and future challenges.

The magazine is born out of Elephant & Castle’s towers in South London, but has a global outlook, and ‘I saw’ or ‘you saw’ is the focus.

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